In the meantime most of you may already know me as some kind of intimate friend of ‘my boys’, the Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, let’s say ‘a very familiar bloodshed boy’. As I was very impressed by all the fans following our BZFOS throughout Europe, I had the inspiration to improve the quality of fanwork for the sake of everyone by founding an official, which means ‘approved by the band’, fan club.

This fan club is supposed to unite the best and most loyal fans of the Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, e.g. fans, that really want to support the band, fans, that – in an active way – want to participate in all the action around our four Horrorbillies.

For this and to show their appreciation ‘my boys’ will spend mutual return presents from time to time, which for example will be special goodies, signed Gimmicks and many more ‚zombified specials‘ like this, that for sure are not available anywhere else! And those who know me probably can imagine that I can be a very “hardcore style” negotiator, who’s frequently going to nag around and pester his boys just for getting the next special goodie. ;-)

So, after many tenacious discussions and negotiations – and some beers – I proudly present and introduce to you as a world premiere the…


But there’s one important fact about the club: As you might know, I’m a rather ‚nostalgic classical president‘, that simply loves to talk dirty about all this modern, hip and up-to-date garbage. So one of my most favourite aims is to oppose something substantial to the almighty internet – so, in consequent consistency this fan club will definitely be „OLDSCHOOL“ style – this means, that in irregular intervals the boys and me will send you even/also REAL letter-post in your REAL letter-box – if at all you’re able to find your real letter-box nowadays – and further on all news concerning the band will be brought to you by the “presi” himself via email and/or personally! ;-) (Consequently also the registration procedure will be mainly ‚analogous‘, as you will see immediately after clicking the „JOIN NOW“-button.)

‚Therefore Cheer Up for the Boys! ‘
Signed with „Your future Presi“
Vic (Ludwig)